And then there were awards for Kenyan designers of all shades

Designers of marvels like this one for Konza now have their award
Designers of marvels like this one for Konza now have their award

There have been many award ceremonies in the recent past. My personal favourite are the Social Media Awards that are now in their third year. Then there are our Bloggies or Blogger of the year awards (you can still nominate me here folks) where the best blogs are feted.

Today information on one of the coolest award concepts was unveiled; the DXD- Disruption by Design award. These awards are aimed at rewarding innovative elements in Kenyan society like Architecture Design, Communications Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Interactive Design- focusing on web design, gaming and mobile interfaces, Tech Design, Product Design- useful human based designs that improve life, Green Design- Covering de­signs that improve or enhance the environment.

I think that the name kinda sucks, Design Awards Kenya are simpler and tell me what I am look for, but the execution so far is looking good. The guys doing the project are our friends from Up Magazine in association with Airtel Kenya.

If you want to know more about this upcoming gig for purposes of submitting something the I recommend you go to its official website at which tells you the deadline; 18th February.

The gala to celebrate the winners will be in November.

Good luck, my designer people.