And then there was African Arsenal

Africa respects the king.
Africa respects the king.

There is a new website there for African fans of the Arsenal;

We all love The Arsenal. What’s not to like? A club with a long history in the English Premier League with one of the best managers in the world with a huge state of the art stadium with vociferous support (for the most time) and a team that looks to be doing something finally.

I have been a big follower online of the Arsenal especially with one of the best sports sites on the planet Six years ago I discovered and I have to say I got hooked but as the addiction got worse it somehow wasn’t enough. The need to get my regular fix of Arsene Wenger led side saw me start being a regular visitor to sites like, Arsenal Arsenal and A Cultured Left foot.

A few years ago I discovered which is a site that aggregates blogs that give exclusive Arsenal content. So now there was no need to go to individual blogs to read the feeling on whether Theo Walcott is being a fool because he was refusing UK£75,000 a week being offered to him what with him being only consistently devastating in patches.

The problem with Just Arsenal Blogs is that it simplified my search for Arsenal related content preventing me from checking out what else there was online. My good friend told me about this new blog African Arsenal he was contributing to and I was not too keen when I went and saw very little content. However in recent times there has been a lot more. The site is well written and I love how they speak of the way they see The Arsenal.

“Arsenal, as a form of expression, is spoken right across Africa. It is one of the few, real languages that unites us.”

It does unite us. If you want to know what African gooners have to say about their club that site is a pretty good place to start. Check out African Arsenal today folks.