Airtel Kenya are gold sponsors of the Kenya Blogger Awards 2015

BAKE Chairman Kennedy Kachwanya with Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi at the signing ceremony
BAKE Chairman Kennedy Kachwanya with Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi at the signing ceremony

Kenya is said to have the third highest number of blogs in Africa with an estimated 15,000 created Kenyan blogs. The biggest aggregation of them is the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) with over 7,000 registered blogs. This association has bagged the gold sponsor for the 2015 edition of their showcase event the Bloggers Awards in May; Airtel Kenya.

Its been quite the journey for the folks at the Bloggers Awards of Kenya and this year looks to be the biggest one of them all. The association of people who deal with blogs in the country has fought its way to the centre of the online narrative slowly but surely. Initially they were more of a fluff organisation with little talks being given about blogging and its general habits. We have been seeing them going around the country spreading this message.

In recent times, the offering from Bake seems to have shifted slightly. They recently hosted a meet and greet for bloggers with officials of the Communications Authority over the most talked about topic of them all last month Digital Migration. Then they also did a discussion on Twitter on The Law & Internet in Kenya which was appreciated as it helps to know if you have been following the rules. And you won’t be going to court because you tweeted about a private developer who turns out to have actually been a big fan of the “private” part of their name.

Even with these things happening, the biggest event by Bake every year is the Blogger Awards which have happened every year since 2012. The event fetes the best bloggers in the country in a night of glory that is rarely seen again until the next year.

This year the awards themed “Content is King” will bring together various online content creators including corporate organizations, celebrities, SMEs, county governments, and national government agencies for an evening to celebrate the growth of the Kenya blogging space.

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