Airtel Kenya appoints Titus Naikuni Chairman, journos synchronise watches

ef03fBharti Airtel, has just announced the appointment of Titus Naikuni as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Airtel Kenya. Dr Naikuni’s most recent full time job was at the group CEO of Kenya Airways.

It’s a big statement from the Mombasa Road based firm which has been dealing with some serious competition from the leading firm on the other side of town. Hopefully the company which has the best products in Kenya’s mobile environment right now, in my opinion, will start showing my countrymen the real deal.

Commenting on the appointment, Christian de Faria, CEO – Airtel Africa, said: “We are pleased to have Dr. Naikuni on the Board. His wealth of experience will add immense value to the Board and provide strategic guidance to our operations in Kenya, to enable Airtel gain an important place in the Telecom sector in the country.”

Titus Naikuni: please note the watch journos
Titus Naikuni: please note the watch journos

You can expect to see a change within Airtel Kenya going forward from now on I suspect. And you expect to see journalists who attend press conferences for the firm getting there bang on time as Titus Naikuni has not time for tardy journos. Synchronise your watches ladies and gentlemen journos.