Airtel, Arsenal and other bits


Daddy Owen meets Airtel boss Dick Omondi
Daddy Owen meets Airtel boss Dick Omondi

Things have been looking good on the Airtel front. The news coming out of the Parkside Towers based company can be pretty uplifting if you are a customer like I am.

Winner of numerous awards Daddy Owen was recently appointed the Airtel brand ambassador which is pretty great news. Figures of Kshs5m and Ksh7m have been banded about. Whichever it is the news is good for the talented artist whose latest single Mbona is causing waves in Kenya’s music business. The best thing about it is that with Daddy Owen trying to come out with his disability awards he will probably get plenty support.

Then there is the announcement recently that Airtel has signed a deal with Arsenal with five African countries. Thats for Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Uganda and Rwanda You cant imagine how pleased I was with that set of affairs as I am a big fan of the Arsene Wenger, London based side. I don’t know who made them see the light and dump their Man United deal (thanks Makmende) but they will be involved with communities here for the foreseeable future.

As Airtel continues to impress, the company also annoys in equal measure. The is nothing as infuriating as getting a call and then its just some music being hawked to you by a company. It takes time before one discovers that you are being spammed. Even more frustrating are the smses telling you about the offers from the company. Here are a few choice messages;


Free Night calls! Top up with Ksh 20 & above get 10 FREE Airtel to Airtel minutes to be used between 10pm to 6am.Call 141 for more exciting offers.

Dear customer, Our Parkside shop will host a BlackBerry clinic on 20th & 21st July from 9am-4pm. Visit us for all your BB queries, concerns & purchases. Airtel

Browse more for less. Dial*544# to buy 1Day 7Days or 30Days Unlimited Internet at Sh150, Sh750 Sh2999 respectively. Enjoy faster internet speeds on Airtel 3.75G

Get 15%, 20%, 25% Discount on purchase of Airtel Airtime of Ksh 250, 500 & 1000 . Offer valid at all Nakumatt branches in Kenya for next 30 days. T&C apply.

I don”t know what genius thought that this is the best way of sending a message but it does grate. Hopefully I won’t have to burn my sim card in anger like Binyavanga did with his Safaricom modem the other day…