Africa Media Initiative on Hate speech and Safaricom supports Women in tech (kind of)

Dr Ron Archer in man drag
Dr Ron Archer in man drag

If you are not a huge fan of hate speech (who is really? Unless you are selling guns?) then one event you want to check out this gig tonight at the Pawa 254. Our friends from the African Media Leadership Forum invites all for the launch of their Pan-African campaign against hate speech, #TurnthePageonHateSpeech. The hashtag is a bit wonky and everything so I expect fully that the four Kenyans On Twitter not contributing to the #Kenyanisms trend will quickly turn in into the #TTPOHS. Or something.

Talking about tech and its use there has been the growth of many women in it with lists popping up ever so often telling us about the top ten women in IT in Africa. The one thing that many of these have common is that they all have Ory Okolloh and Isis Nyong’o Madison proving that once your name is in a list you have it made in town.

Its not just the Orys and the Isis’s of the world that have been proving that stuff is looking good for women in tech as many initiatives show up like Akili Dada and others I suggest that you use your Google engine to enjoy to enjoy. One of these is the Women In Technology initiative which is receiving backing from those guys who recently reduced the price of mobile money charges the other day.

The initiative means to celebrate and honor female professionals who have excelled as mentors,
exemplified unique vision, shown outstanding leadership, success within Technology related carriers
So showing women who are “doing good” in IT right? You are therefore invited to a Women In Technology Fathers and Daughters Edition tomorrow evening with… Mrs… Sorry Mr… or rather Dr Ron Archer at the Michael Joseph Centre in Nairob. Hey, Dr Ron Archer COULD be a woman no? Say it with me… #SilenceIsAWoman

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