Adventures on a budget airline to Kisumu

20151001_143424So I’ve done this whole budget airline thing when I lived in London many moons ago. I remember a good pal of mine calling me about this flight on that was going for 40 pounds return. He was calling around with friends to see who could join him on a weekend to Berlin. I quickly instructed him to pay for it and had a very memorable weekend; including being arrested at the border post for being black and Kenyan. Good times.

Then there was this other time I went on to go visit the same friends family in Milan. That ticket cost me 52 quid. Thats UK pounds. That weekend was also quite memorable as I got to see Italia crush Romania in a world cup qualifier 3-0 where I got to see Alessandro Del Piero play in the flesh at the San Siro.

So you can imagine that for me getting the budget airline experience always seems to have a special thing going for it that I rarely get when I pay for the usual full price airlines.

I’ve only done the “budget airline” thing at home with Fly540 to destinations like Malindi which have also been very memorable. It was in Malindi that I joined a bunch of Nairobi journos for one of those media jaunts. At that gig I remember going to a hotel which gave us a huge seafood platter. People were confused with all the claws and tails on their plates and eventually our host had to get some nyama choma before her charges died of hunger. If you want some Nairobians to eat don’t give them weird lobsters and shrimp et al. Nyama choma will do.

So recently I try a new experience with the folks from, an airline which is pretty young having been found on 13 September 2013. I was riding along with a promotion where they “hijacked” a bus and took the passengers to JKIA and flew them to Kisumu International Airport.

Checking into the Kisumu International Airport
Checking into the Kisumu International Airport

The Kisumu International Airport was one of the main reasons why I had come on this joint. I have been seeing it whenever I am en route to Kampala and wondered what it looked like. I was impressed. I know, why shouldn’t I expect any less but still. Its not the biggest one I’ve been but it was really well done. I will be coming back. At least to hear that man who allegedly plays the nyatiti in the evening has to be investigated.

From there we were of through a Kisumu that has been with a friendly driver with the Senate proceedings on his radio as he guided is through a very well developed city. He would point interesting sights as we headed out of town. There is Kidero’s house. There is Jakoyo Midiwo’s house. Jaramogi’s house is back there. There is the complex that Kosewe (the Ranalo Foods guy). That multiple storey building seems to have stalled from what I could see.

Eventually we made it to our destination; The Kiboko Bay Resourt. Here We spent the next few hours downing some cold one until we left for the hotel; The Vic Hotel at the Nakumatt Mega. Here we had a meal and we were off to Signature for drinking. And dancing.

It was a Kisumu trip to remember as we flew back to Nairobi in the morning.

I’ll be back.

P.S. Looks like Eldoret is now one of the destinations that our friends from Jambojet opened. Very good.

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  1. Felt bad that I wasn’t able to visit Kisumu the last time I was in Kenya. Would love to visit and do a blog post..also it’s smack on the way to our shags.

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