A quick nip through the Intel Tech Bonanza

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo pitched the heck out of the bonanza

The Intel Tech Bonanza. I couldn’t escape that event. Larry Madowo on his Friday show The Trend on NTV ensured that we knew about it as we saw celebs like Wambui Kunga of Elani kicking his butt in video games. Or a musician guy (I can’t for the life of me remember his name) trying to figure the parts of the body in biology using the some other Intel influenced gadgetry.

So there I was walking into the Sarit Centre on Sunday to check out the bonanza. Unlike the other exhibition type events that we are familiar with at the centre there were very few exhibitors. It was a very few folks who were doing their thing. In one corner, there was the gaming area where one could play using the latest console. I am not and have never pretended to have any interest in games so I ignored this place. So I started checking out what was happening in there. My usual style is to quickly look around and then settle on the places I want to concentrate on. This was the one exhibition that failed to give me this luxury. As soon as I was in the general area of a stand I was approached and the people started making a pitch for me to check out the amazingness of their product and this kind of put me off. I wanted to take my time looking at products, THEN ask for assistance if I need it. I don’t know if there were few people at this gig so each visitor had to be pressed.

A birds eye view of the Intel Tech Bonanza
A birds eye view of the Intel Tech Bonanza

There were some brilliant things on their in spite of my gripe of being hassled. If you wanted to but a laptop this was the place to be as some of the machines on offer were amazing. At really reasonable prices. Acer, HP and the rest of them were in there looking very buyable.

There were also the biggest hypeman of them all DNG doing some hyping and giving products out at some unique raffle.

Ultimately, I left the event a bit earlier that I would have like to. Lets hope that next year, assuming there is one then, there are more crowds so that I could do my stuff in a leisurely manner.

If you missed out you can check out more images at the Intel Tech Facebook page here where they have Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.