A night to remember with the Bloggers #BlogAwardsKe

The author of this blog with award winner Biko Zulu.
The author of this blog with award winner Biko Zulu.

It was a great night that was had last Saturday night. The event was the Kenya Blog Awards night and the venue was the Southern Sun in Nairobi. This was the second year that the event had happened and my first time to attend. Last year I missed out on all of the action because I was involved in a mini fender bender on the way back to Nakuru. No injuries, no broken bones on me but enough to rule me out of the events of that day.

2013 saw me come through ready for action and I was not to be disappointed. The set up at the Southern Sun (that used to be the Holiday Inn) was done by EXP and the sponsorship had been flowing with names like Safaricom, Samsung, Orange, N-SOKO, DDB and others throwing gifts and cash at the organising committee ensuring that those who had toiled for the whole year would be going away with a gift or two. Even the audience which looked to be a couple hundred was promised free Wi-Fi by Wazi Wi-Fi.

The event emcee was the ever popular Larry Madowo he of the many dozens of thousands of followers on Twitter. The gentleman when not updating his social media platforms works part time for the NTV as anchor and technology editor. There was also a bit of a step in by @buggz79 when the news anchor had to go to work. All we know about @buggz79 is that he was born in 1979 if his twitter handle was anything to go by.

The formal ceremony was pretty standard. The emcee would read the nominees and then an eminent personality would be asked to come through and read the name of the winner and hand in their prize. The prizes were not that varied. Usually a Galaxy Tablet from our Korean friends. Then off course there was the infamous “two nights for one” by the Heritage Hotels with a trip at the Voyager Ziwani.There was even an air frier from Philips.

Apart from the presentation of gifts there were some presentations; a speech on communicating as bloggers by Njeri Wangari aka Kenyan Poet, a poetry performance by El Poet and some singing by a guy whose name eludes me. They were weirdly enough the periods when people took their opportunity to catch up to guys one had not seen. It was that much without colour.

Who was in there then? Well I got to hang out with the creative writing blog winner Biko Zulu, best new blog nominee Eugene of that awesome energy blog and a few others. So much has happened since I met some of these people. Eve Serro is now with Tullow Oil, Paul Kukubo is still with the ICT board, Philip Mwaniki is still doing showbiz with the enemy competition and more. And @akenyan girl is still collecting cats. Sigh.

A good night was had. Congratulations to the tireless team at BAKE who put this together. Also the sponsors.

P.S. Finally me In the Forest web cast star Gerald Langiri who also runs www.actors.co.ke. Whenever I watch it I never know whether to laugh or hide under my chair in shame. Don’t believe me? Check out the Janet “Nariki” Kirina video. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


A full list of winners can found below;

1. Best Business Blog Sokodirectory.com

2. Best Political Blog057siasa.blogspot.com

3. Best Sport Blog superfoota.com

4. Best Technology Blog Techmoran.com

5. Best Topical Blog Thinkm-pesa.com

6. Best Travel Blog Kenyatalii.com

7. Best Corporate Blog Letsgotravelkenya.blogspot.com

8. Best Creative Writing BlogBikozulu.co.ke

9. Best Entertainment/Lifestyle BlogNiaje.com

10. Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog Rockescientist.blogspot.com

11. Best Fashion Best Nanciemwai.com

12. Best Food Blog Pikachakula.com

13. Best New Blog Kenyaweddings.co.ke

14. Best Photography Blog Mutuamatheka.com

15. Kenyan Blog of the Year Niaje.com


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