A new Know Kenya guide for your 2014 travel resolutions

Book editor Martin Wahogo hanging by Karura falls in Aberdare national park. Kenya's tallest waterfall.
Book editor Martin Wahogo hanging by Karura falls in Aberdare national park. Kenya’s tallest waterfall.

Its resolution time for many Kenyans and some probably stated that in the new year they plan on seeing more of their country. The only downside with the “travelling around the country thing” is that the guides that are available for travelling have one or two fatal flaws. One of these is the cost of the guides which are always in the thousands – usually between Kshs1,000 and 3,000 which can put of some of the people who want explore what options are available to be put off.

Then those who buy the books will find the places available that are very expensive for most people’s pockets. This is because they are usually the most exclusive places and very thin on some of the places to see.

This is why one of the best options for you who wants to travel around Kenya in 2014 more has to be Know Kenya: First edition by Martin Wahogo.

The book has some pretty good things going for it. For one it costs Kshs500 which allows for one to buy it without complaining that its “Njaanuary” and things are thick. It is also pocket sized which means that you can go around with it wherever you go.

The Know Kenya booklet.
The Know Kenya booklet.

The thing that impressed me the most about this little booklet is the options that are available to the reader. For those who like ticking off lists the guide has one of the most innovative lists of things to do in town and includes what it calls its top 20 list;

  1. View Sokoke Cat
  2. View Potto.
  3. View black leopard.
  4. Reach foot of Karura Falls.
  5. View Roan antelope.
  6. View Sable antelope.
  7. View the big five.
  8. Visit Chalbi desert.
  9. Visit central island.
  10. Visit el-molo shrines.
  11. Marafa (Hell’s kitchen)
  12. Hell’s Gate on foot.
  13. Climb Mt Elgon.
  14. Climb Mt Kenya.
  15. Climb Mt Longonot.
  16. Visit Thimlich Ohingas.
  17. Visit all Lamu islands.
  18. Visit all Lake Victoria islands.
  19. Visit 10 Know Kenya listed spots in each region.’
  20. Reach Kenya’s extremities.

Where number 19 (visit 10 Know Kenya sights) is concerned, the book is divided into several regions namely Nairobi, Southern region, Central rift region, Northern region, Central region, South Coast, North Coast and Western region.

Apart from the usual National park, Karen Blixen, Railway Museum usual offerings, the Nairobi section of the guide for instance shows some of the capital city’s biggest historical sights many of which cost zero shillings for the visitor in Downtown Nairobi. These include the Bank of India building on Kenyatta Avenue which was Kenya’s first parliament and the Galton Fenzi memorial on the same street (by the GPO) which is where distances from Nairobi are measured from. That’s just from Nairobi.

One of my favourite bits, especially now that I am getting into this Mau Mau rediscovery space, is the Central region with sights from many caves that the freedom fighters used like the Naro Moru cave and the Queen’s cave in the Aberdares used by late hero Dedan Kimathi. In the Southern region there are the Tsavos and the Olorgesailie and many more.

The whole country is covered this way. The best thing about this is the guide gives you how to access the venues either by road or air where the need be.

So for those who are looking to travel more in 2014 around the year I recommend that you join the Know Kenya Facebook fan page or call Martin Wahogo on 0722 442649 and he will deliver if within Nairobi (terms and conditions apply).


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  1. Hi James. the Know Kenya family thanks you for this lovely article. It is our prayer that Kenyans will travel and get to know our country more intimately and hopefully do this with the help of the Know Kenya guidebook.

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