A lunch date at the Seven restaurant

These guys can cook!
These guys can cook!

Living in this town can be quite hectic and you want to take a break every once in a while. It is at times like these that I like to take my partner and treat her for what we like to call date night. It is called date night but in reality its “drinking yourself silly once a week night” and then looking back on your exciting evening… that ended at anytime between 10pm to midnight. For some reason it has become very difficult to pull those “raundi mwenda” (crazy round) nights that I used to do on a regular basis with mad friends. I am not sure what happened in the last few years. I guess I’m not 25 anymore.

As part of the “drink binging” (a bottle of wine or 5-7 beers, I know I know its sad but what to do) there has to be some eating to fortify the gabions for what promises to be a totally legendary evening. The other Friday I opted to do this eating at the Seven restaurant at the Village Market.

Where this new restaurant is concerned I must confess that I am an interested party. My colleagues covered the launch of the place in June with another reviewing the fare on offer. They all came with glowing reports so I wanted to try it out for myself.

There is also the matter of the guy behind the restaurant Kiran Jethwa. He first came to national attention as one of finalists for the best job in the world. This glamorous job involved walking around a beach in Australia and basically bumming. Not exactly my cup of maziwa mala but it raised quite a bit of dust in hospitality and media circles.

The man then built on his profile as he opened his Seven restaurant at the ABC Place on Waiyaki Way as he kept on doing stuff like entering the Rhino Charge. He also has a cooking show on Nat Geo which is no mean feat. The man has really built his brand.

The Seven in Village Market was the second in the franchise and I was looking forward to a good meal. There were two areas to have your meal. A sort of inner area and an outer one with the Safaricom Shop prominent viewing in that area. Whoever designed the restaurant seemed to really like the colour white. The décor in this place is excellent.

We settled for the outer area and my waiter guy gave me and my partner a drinks and food menu. The food options looked so good to me seeing as I had saved my stomach to attack the food on offer. They included stuff like scampi and chips, beef short ribs, grilled salmon rockerfeller, beer battered cod burger et al. I opted for the marinated thick cut lamb steak (Kshs1,600) while my partner got the short ribs (Kshs1,450).

The food was heavenly. Seventh heaven (too cliché?) for my tongue? Yes please. I chomped down on my food and enjoyed the experience thoroughly. The chefs in this place must have spent more than a few days at chef school.

With the food having gone down there was the dessert to be had and we opted for the coffee and cream – Oreo, Baileys, Mint liquer and ice cream. Again a pleasure.

As we were chowing down with energy the waiter dude kept asking us about our experience and if we needed anything. In a subtle and nice way; not like our Nairobi waiters who will grab your beer and pour it in your glass for you and look at you with their “another one?” question. Those are not cool. He is.

As we were having our meal there were some two white guys behind me who were in a meeting discussing some seriously big cash in what sounded like a great new venture of the NGO variety. Sigh. One day I’ll get there.

After the chowing I walked in to check out this wine area where I saw various brands from around the planet – whoever is in charge of distributing Chile wines should get a cookie for their efforts as there were quite a few there.

At the end of the lunch I was down around Kshs6,000 so you can imagine that this is not a place you will be seeing me at too often what with my regular non NGO budget income.

I’d say this place is ideal for a guy who is proposing to a lady to marry him (Champagne by the glass at Kshs1.5K) or a special anniversary. If you are flush you should check out the place most definitely.

Great food. Great service. Seven Restaurant. Try it out.

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