A chat with Scanad Ghana country manager Jebet Amdany

Jebet Amdany
Jebet Amdany

Jebet Amdany is the country manager of Scanad Ghana but she has Nairobi roots. Over the last 15 years she has worked in advertising with top brands like FCB, Saatchi & Saatchi affiliates in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. She also founded and run a radio station Radio Simba (which was bought by the Standard Group who rebranded it to Radio Maisha).

NL.com: Lets start at the beginning. What do you do for a living?
JA: I work for an Integrated Communication Company (advertising, PR, digital)– Scanad Ghana which is a part of Scangroup.

NL.com: What education did you have to end up with where you currently are? Primary, Secondary school, college?
JA: Wow! In my profession you can study practically any field to get where I am! Consolata Primary School; Loreto Convent Msongari; United World College of the Atlantic (UWC) – Wales; Corporate Governance – KCA University Kenya; Advanced Management Programme (AMP) – Strathmore Busines School –Kenya and IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain; I’m a member of the Chartered Institue of Public Realtions (CIPR – UK) – Makini College. Currently studying Entrepreneurship at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) which will culminate in Shanghai, China in March. I have qualifications and experience in– Broadcasting, Marketing; Strategy; Lobbying; The Effective Director (TED) and Leadership and of course the University of Life!

NL.com: So how did you land in the job you are currently in?
JA: I asked Bharat Thakrar the group CEO of Scangroup for the job!

NL.com: How was it running Radio Simba? What did you achieve with that experience?
JA: Excellent experience, did it for 7 years from scratch. Most difficult & scariest thing to do. Most rewarding to see African music resonate so well with audiences & even get sponsorships for it! Great fun! One must do many adventurous things that stretch you beyond your imagination!

NL.com: Who is an African?
JA: One who embraces our “Africanism” and adapts to the 21 Century without losing our values. Are you one of them? YES O!

NL.com: Why did you move to Ghana?
JA: I moved to start my African experience and journey and preparing myself for the biggest African job! Being a CEO of an African wide organization

NL.com: What is life in Accra like professionally and socially?
JA: #AccraLife as I like to call it is different from home. Professionally I run a much smaller business revenue wise and client wise. It’s a market that’s waking up to communication especially traditional advertising. Digital communication seems to be growing. Socially, I met at least new people every month – I feel quite lucky! I have a friend who is always introducing me to new people.

NL.com: What is a typical night on the town in Accra for you?
JA: Out for dinner with friends, I’m always looking our for new restaurants; once in a while I may go dancing.

NL.com: Away from work, how do you unwind in Nairobi?
JA: In #AccraLife – swimming, walking, reading, going to the beach and watching movies

NL.com: This month sees what is called Nairobi Restaurant Week. What do you consider the best food in Nairobi? Quail perhaps?
JA: In Nairobi, my favourite restaurant is China Plate at the Chancery Building on Valley Road. in #AccraLife I do enjoy Santuku a Japanese Restaurant; Michelangelo an Italian Restaurant and Azmera, Ghanaian food restaurant

You can follow Jebet #Accralife adventures on her blog Jebet’s Musings.

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